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Tiësto remixes Gordo latest jam ‘TARAKA’, Dreamstate SoCal 2022 - Festival Recap, Kelvin Wiedenhoff Upcoming ID song - WTEMN [2022-12 (Week #48)]


Title: Weekly Top Electronic Music News [2022-12 (Week #48)]

Author: Ambilena

Subject: News

Language: English

Dreamstate SoCal 2022: Festival Recap

Shradan drops powerful new single ‘Limits’: Listen

Tiësto remixes Gordo latest jam ‘TARAKA’: Listen

Kelvin Wiedenhoff discusses main inspirations, upcoming single ‘You’re On My Mind’ and more: Interview

Tony Puccio & ONDAMIKE share remixes of ‘Everybody’s Free’: Listen


Frankie Corsano & Raul Perez deliver smooth new single ‘No Stress’: Listen

Otray delivers guitar driven dance single ‘Bonfire Hearts’: Listen

Plugins & Gear used by No Mana | Exclusive Interview

What is WTEMN?

WTEMN is a short-term for "Weekly Top Electronic Music News", which is our weekly collection of top news from all around the electronic dance music industry. We know what it’s like if you don’t have time to keep an eye out on the news, there are plenty of that, that's why we decided to collect all the "top news", so if you don’t want to miss the news of your favorites we are happy to see you here at our weekly electronic music news.